Cancer horoscope for february 27 2020

You must be very careful about not consuming such food, as well. The picture so far as your financial prospects are concerned is pretty bleak, since the stars are in a somewhat forbidding mood. Musicians, dramatists, film- makers, and practitioners of the other arts would do well to make provisions for a rainy day, since they would face a trying time during this coming month.

There would be a dearth of opportunities for all of you, simply not enough to go around, as they say. But speculative activity could turn a difficult situation into an impossible one.

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There are chances that some of you would suffer serious losses from gambling and such-like activities. You may, therefore, desist. An excellent month for your career advancement, during which the stars are in a fairly obliging mood. There is a distinct possibility of an old person or a female colleague doing you a favourable turn which would prove extremely beneficial. Those engaged in the fine arts would find excellent opportunities for creative involvement of a satisfying sort, in which they could well go on to score notable results.

Travel, too, would prove quite beneficial, and the most advantageous direction is west. And finally, the manner in which you handle your juniors and subordinates would enable you to derive optimum benefit from their services.

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Nothing particularly favourable about the augury, from the stars, in so far as your technical efforts are concerned. Technical students would have to work much harder than usual to maintain their position in their class.

Even then, success may be limited. Quite clearly, practically all examination results of most of you would be below expectations, to say the least.

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Most of you would, otherwise also, struggle to achieve your goals. Those appearing for competitive examination would do well to go in for extra coaching well in advance, failing which the results would be poor. An adverse spell, during which you must patiently persevere. Nothing particularly favourable about the augury from the stars in so far as gains from travels are concerned.

Singers, dancers, actors and other artists could find themselves undertaking a lot of unproductive and entirely unnecessary travel. You should be careful about this.

Mars enters Scorpio

Your ruling planet Mars clashes with the planet of obstacles, Saturn, creating a frustrating energy for communication. A new moon in your sign arrives today, inspiring you to wipe the slate clean. It's a cute time for a makeover, and a powerful time for inner-work, too.

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  • Action planet Mars clashes with taskmaster Saturn, finding you confronting obstacles concerning money. The new moon in Scorpio begins a new cycle for your inner-work, and encourages you to get some rest!

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    Action planet Mars squares off with your ruling planet Saturn, finding you confronting limitations in your career. Don't push things too hard today—only a bad mood can come from that!

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    • The new moon in Scorpio finds you connecting with a new social circle. This is also a potent time to reflect on your vision for the future. Warrior planet Mars clashes with your ruling planet Saturn, making for a frustrating day. You might not get to go everywhere you'd like to, but that's alright—make time to rest instead! It's a good time to quiet your mind. The new moon in Scorpio brings a new beginning in your career.

      Cancer 2020 Horoscope & Astrology Yearly Overview - Your relationship zone shines, work too!

      Warrior planet Mars squares off with the planet of restrictions, Saturn, making for a difficult mood, especially when it comes to sharing ideas. The new moon in fellow water sign Scorpio inspires you to travel. A new perspective arrives. Exciting opportunities are on the way! Your ruling planet Mars clashes with taskmaster Saturn, bringing up important issues concerning responsibility and boundaries, especially in your relationships and your career.

      Today's new moon in Scorpio encourages you to rest—a powerful change is coming. On a mundane level, this new moon can help you set intentions for clearing debt.

      2020 Cancer Horoscope by decans:

      Action planet Mars clashes with the planet of restriction, Saturn, finding you frustrated as you try to go about your day. Not all of your plans will work out, so stay flexible and don't bother trying to force something. A fresh start in your relationships arrives thanks to the new moon in Scorpio. What new energy do you want to call into your partnerships?

      Warrior planet Mars clashes with taskmaster Saturn, stirring frustration.