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Failing to adhere to a health plan threatens to affect health adversely.

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Financial gains are foreseen, especially for those in trade. Your promptness and efficiency at work is likely to bring you into the notice of those who matter. Love Focus: Romance is likely to take a backseat, as you have too much on your platter today. Budgetary planning will be required for those going in for a renovation. Practitioners of yoga and meditation can derive immense health benefits. Some of you will need to rethink your investment options. Additional work may come to you on the job, but you will be able to handle it efficiently.

You can mishandle a situation and spoil a relationship on the family front. Love Focus: Good time is foreseen in the company of someone you have a soft corner for on the romantic front. You will manage to push yourself a little extra to achieve success on the academic front.

Introducing health food in your diet plan will be a good idea.


Your Weekly Horoscope

A family elder may insist on you driving him or her to meet someone today. Some of you will get to travel overseas in connection with an assignment. You may find yourself in a financially secure position, as money flows in.

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You will find things turning in your favour on the professional front. Love Focus: Some turbulence on the romantic front is foreseen for those not being able to devote much time to lover. A change of heart regarding an academic option may not be in your favour, so review it once again. Avoid wayside food to retain health.

Your Yearly Horoscope

Unchecked expenses may get you worried, but you will be able to stabilise your financial front. Extra workload is possible today. Someone may be planning a perfect outing for you, so get set for a good time with family or friends. Changes envisaged on the home front are likely to be initiated now.

Love Focus: You may find yourself in a romantic mood today, so the only right thing for you to do is to convey this mood to lover!

Sun enters Scorpio

Students, who are lagging, may have to double their efforts to catch up with others. You remain energetic, as you are able to follow an exercise regimen religiously. Some of you are likely to drive a good bargain in getting a product or service cheap. Doing your own thing at home is likely to give immense joy.

Those craving a break from routine may get a chance to enjoy a vacation. Someone who is better than you on the professional front can keep you on the back foot.


Love Focus: Rekindling romance may become important, as cracks begin to appear in your relationship. Someone may give you tips regarding your health. You will need to be more prudent in your spending to keep the financial front stable. Your professional skills are set to get you handpicked for more challenging assignments.

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A hectic day is foreseen for those visiting out of town relatives or friends. Some anomalies in a recently purchased piece of land may prove disturbing. Balanced diet and active life will find you fit as a fiddle. Good investments promise to get you more for your money. Avoid being too ambitious and stop setting unrealistic salary expectations. Those learning to drive will be confident enough to drive solo. Some of you may well ask whether you are in the right profession, as you set your sights on greener pastures.

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