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Please refer to your Moon Sign to read your horoscope. If you are not sure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out instantly here. Uncover the astrological relation between love life and the celestial stars Know how the love patterns in your life change as If you have experienced a sudden change in your life or have started observing a new or radically different pattern at work, home, family This year has planetary movements similar to some of the past years when major events at macro level h Our expert Vedic Astrologer can reverse engineer your Birth Time by calculating on the basis of the date of the occurrences of 5 specifi Jun 21, On Father's Day.

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Starstruck in Love. Star Speak The Strars Shine bright for all in , Year prediction. The why of V-Day Weddings. A Rough Patch ahead for Shah Rukh. It is time for Rekha to Take Care of her Health. Nene is likely to add to the world population soon. Will Bills Visit Prove Beneficial.

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How will India Fare under Sourav's Captaincy? Astro Queries. The Coming Week. Nov 17, Apr 16, Marraiges are Made in Heaven. Apr 29, Blame it On the Stars. Chance questions, Destined answers. It is all about Calculatons.

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Jun 18, Kronye ke liye Samay Thik nahi. Hrithik Roshan ki Safalta-Buland Sitaron ka kamal. Apr 07, Jyotish Shashtra Anya Vigyanon ki hi Bhanti. Nov 15, Jyotish ab Naye Yug me. Engineer se Jyotish Vidya tak. Rachel Lindsay recently addressed her feud with former bestie Raven Gates, leaving fans heartbroken when she revealed she never wants to be her friend again.

Now, last season's…. The latest season of Big Mouth has only just dropped on Netflix, but already fans can look forward to a spinoff of the hit animated series.

Big Mouth's spinoff Human Resources will be about the hormone monsters, which sounds like exactly the raunchy…. Regardless of how much weight you put on astrology when it comes to relationships, there are so many fun, interesting insights that can be gleaned from learning about the zodiac.

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Although it would be far too limiting to let the teachings of the…. With the beauty community really upping the ante, there's never before been so more pressure to serve up a spectacular, intricate Halloween glam. That said, not everyone will spend hours primping at their vanity on October 31, and frankly, not…. Season 1 of A Million Little Things captivated audiences with mysterious figures who shook up the main characters' lives.

Season 2 has only just begun, but it seems like the show is continuing that trend with a brand new enigma of a character.

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Tomorrow X Together's comeback is so close! Once you've decided that being in a long-distance relationship is something you're willing to try, keeping the connection between you and bae strong is key. If you're an Instagram user, chances are that you have a love-hate relationship with its Following Activity tab, which allows you to snoop on the likes, comments, and follows of the people that you follow simply by swiping to the left in the….

My partner and I live together, and over the years we've built our little night-time ritual.

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We get all tucked in and tell each other how much we love each other, and we say good night, every single night. I know it's only October, and right now you're probably focused on pumpkin-spice-everything and Halloween costumes, but can you hear those sleigh bells ringing yet? Well, maybe you can smell those festive holiday candles burning thanks to the…. Known as "Jopper" to their fans, these unlikely singles have slowly worked their way to a relationship throughout three seasons of the series. And then, just as fans thought…. For most people, the idea of a coming apocalypse is drenched in images of terror.

Buildings collapsing, dead bodies everywhere, loved ones dying, social order upended. But what if the apocalypse was actually the best thing that ever happened to you?


When I first tried Huda Beauty's New Nude Palette, I fell in love with the way the brand defined the idea of nude and reinvented it with a range of to-die-for pinky neutral shades. When the brand then launched a trio of Neon Obsessions Palettes, I….

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But the…. I know it feels like we just goodbye to patio season, but now that sweater weather is in full session and the end of is just a few months away, I'll be the first to admit that I'm feeling pretty nostalgic for days by the pool and sun-kissed…. There are so many awesome boozy advent calendars available this year. From red wine to sparkly prosecco, you can get an alcohol-filled calendar that fits whatever beverage you like best.