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It took about three years for the Linux kernel to reach 1. It took 15 years before the kernel was versioned to 3. The version number jumps aren't terribly significant at this point, Linus says "I wouldn't read too much into the number. Linus targeted the and that was it. The Linux kernel now runs on a large number of CPUs, though support for the itself was dropped in In the Linux Foundation identified 13, contributors between and , and counted more than 22 million lines of code in the kernel.

That doesn't take into account the contributors before tracking began in What many folks don't know is that Tux had an official break during the 2. Tuz was a Tasmanian Devil, or Tux wearing a Tasmanian Devil costume, and was chosen to raise awareness about the species' endangered status. This coincided with the Linux. Conference attendees received a stuffed Tuz plush figure and the traditional Linux. The Ramen Worm targeted wu-ftpd, nfs-utils, and lprng and served as a heads up that as Linux gained popularity it was going to see its share of attempts to create worms, viruses, and other exploits specifically against Linux.

Linus Torvalds created Git to use for development of the Linux kernel, because he wasn't happy with existing version control systems.

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So, Linux isn't just responsible for a huge ecosystem around the operating system, it also has laid at the heart of what's currently the most popular social development platform in use today. It seems to have been Apple's first foray into open source, officially, ahead of Darwin which was announced in By it was a community led effort and remained a niche effort in the larger Linux ecosystem.

In a few enterprising Linux enthusiasts put together a " Linux Search Engine " to help users find information on Linux distributions, Linux User Groups, and other things Linux-related. Sadly, the contents of the search engine more accurately, a directory have been lost to the mists of time and bitrot. That distinction, arguably, belongs to Motorola's A handset that was introduced in with a video player, music player, instant messaging, and other goodies.

That handset came with a physical keyboard, tiny trackball, and a whopping x resolution. Smartphones have improved a great deal in the 11 years or so since, but some of us still miss the physical keyboard. It was a beta 0. And, let's face it, if you were using Linux in you were adventurous! But did you know that there's a Linux orchestra?

L2Ork is described as a "contemporary intermedia ensemble" that "mixes traditional orchestra with increasingly accessible human-computer interaction technologies for the purpose of exploring expressive power of gesture, communal interaction, discipline-agnostic environment, and the multidimensionality of arts. If that leaves you scratching your head, you can see a video about L2Ork on YouTube and enjoy the soothing sounds of Linux. One of the unexpected workloads for Linux over the years has been… milking cows.

All of that managed by a single-board computer SBC running Linux. The introduction of the Asus Eee PC is arguably a motivating factor in bringing costs down and introducing a focus on lighter and more portable machines. The first models had smaller than average keyboards, too, so good luck typing on them if you had larger than standard sized hands.

Importantly, the Eee PC shipped with a custom Linux distribution, which meant it didn't carry a per-unit cost for the operating system itself.

For example, if your age at the beginning of this year was 27, your age following your birthday will be Your Age Digit usually points to your attitude, approach, energy level, sense of security -- or lack thereof -- etc. The result can be positive or negative, depending, in large part, on the nature of your Personal Year and Essence cycles. You can learn about those cycles with a personalized 1-Year Numerology Forecast from Tarot.

It is interesting to note that while your Age Digits run in tandem with your Personal Year cycles, the Age Digits cycle is five odd numbers followed by four even numbers, then 5 odd numbers, etc. Add to that the fact that even numbers tend to be more realistic and practical, while odd numbers are idealistic and somewhat impractical, you can see how your Personal Year numbers are balanced out throughout your life by the practicality or impracticality of your Age Digit. Do the math explained above to find your Age Digit, then read what its influence this year will be.

Whatever issues are brought to the foreground by your Personal Year and Essence cycles, this particular Age Digit takes away some of the usual support from friends and family. You will have to rely more on yourself to resolve them. By the same token, this Age Digit is empowering and builds self-confidence.

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The later part of the year tends to be easier and better than the early part, with the exception of the month of October, which tends to drive a wedge between you and the people you are closest to. December stands out as a month of healing. If you have a 1 Personal Year as well, this can be a very difficult time requiring every bit of drive and courage you can muster up.

Your sense of security and self-esteem are lowered a bit, making you an easier-than-usual victim. Lies and gossip wreak havoc on pretty much any and all issues you are dealing with this year. Don't believe everything you hear; be skeptical. There is potential to make life-long connections with new friends as well as people in your professional environment this year.

Romance is confusing though -- it's a rollercoaster year for the heart. They are soft and gentle, and usually it is easy for them to convince others.

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They are very smart and always need a spiritual stimulus. Relations with them should be equally spiritual and physical. If there is no spiritual communion with the partner, they may get bored. Sexually it is a strong number, and their partners must be strong. Sex for them is as important as the spiritual and emotional side, and an excess of one does not replace the lack of another.

These people are usually popular and have a great influence on the others. They usually get their way, not being tyrants. They are sincere and loyal, they have a lot of old friends and they always broaden the circle of the new ones.

Usually people of Number 28 have a good marriages, but for them intelligence is the main feature of their partner. If the partner is not smart enough, they suffer because their mind is just as strong as their body. Number 2 - the main figure for all Numbers from 20 to 29 - is soft, supple and dependent on others.

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Number 8 - gives a magnetic personality, it is very attractive to the opposite sex. The sum of digits - 1. This is a commander with the energy and initiative.